Business Analyst

As An Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Makala for two years at Wells Fargo. His position was in the crucial area of production planning and operations, for systems that brought in billions of dollars in revenue a month to the bank. We executed dozens of software releases together, as well as troubleshooting production incidents. Makala is cool-headed, intelligent and thorough. He takes complete ownership of problems he's tackling and carries them to conclusion. I always knew I could rely on Makala in a moment of need, and appreciated his professionalism, integrity, and sense of humor. I definitely would work with him again and would recommend him for any position of responsibility.

Chris Udziela, Engineering Manager at Wells Fargo (former)

Project Manager

As A Project Manager

Project management is a difficult managerial discipline that requires solid results with constrained
budgets, tight schedules, and little positional authority. So, to get things done, instead of simply “telling
people what to do,” a project manager (like Mak) builds consensus by sharing vision and goals with his team...

Winton Woods, Esq.
Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona


As An Educator

"As a teacher at TIS, I heard from students how Mak continually challenged them to think beyond their preconceptions and explain their worldviews in ways that were challenging and profound."
~ John Lundy, AP Science, Tianjin International School

Makala Doulos

Mak Also Cares for The Human Family

Much of what people actually need, is for someone to simply meet them in their place of need. That person may be poor in body, or poor in spirit. They may just need someone to share some good news with them.

Mak Has Deep And Wide IT Skills

Mak has been growing in technological prowess for nearly 40 years, since his first Science Project in 1978 (demonstrating a computer drawing program).


Next Steps...

Mak would like to take the next step in his career towards giving back what he has learned and serve as an engineering or architecture manager.