Mak's Story

An International Worker from The United States.

Starting in 1982, Mak had his first overseas assignment helping to build a youth camp in the Blue Mountain area, in New South Wales, Australia.

1990-1992 - During operation Desert Storm, Mak deployed to Stuttgart, Germany as a US Army contractor, attached to 51st ESB, 35th Signal Brigade, VII Corps USAREUR to build youth programs for kids of parent(s) who had been deployed to Iraq.

1992 - 2001 - Upon returning from Germany, Mak joined Intel Corporation, where he became a world-wide project manager and Senior Facilities Engineer, coordinating a $5 Billion construction roadmap. He also ran a 24-hour, global project teams building out the technology needed to support strategic facilities planning process.

2011 - Mak worked in the US until 2011, until taking on short assignment in Jamaica, doing poverty alleviation work for an NGO.

2012-2015 - Mak moved to Asia, and married his soulmate. He then joined an International School in West Jakarta, Indonesia, as an educator and Learning Management Systems Analyst.

2015-2018 - Mak moved to Tianjin, China; joining Tianjin International School, as an educator, Safety officer, and as part of the core leadership team running the professional development program for over 120 teachers.

2018  - Mak moved back to the US, and is living in the same city (Tempe, Arizona) where he grew up. He was then hired by Wells Fargo's Auto division, supporting mission-critical software development and implementations.

All of this has been a rich experience, and tremendous gift. During these travels, I have learned two languages (Bahasa Indonesia, and Mandarin), and applied my skills to a number of endeavors. Thankfully, I have left a positive impact on the places I have worked.

If my experience interests you, I would like to talk to you and your organization about how I might be able to bring value and experience, to drive positive outcomes for your Business, School, or NGO.

Contact me at: [email protected] and I will respond with whatever information you might require. Thank you!

Project Manager
Makala Doulos